About us

About Us

Prestige Equestrian was developed to deliver Quality products in a timely manner to discerning purchasers at a price that meets their expectations, the principals of Prestige Equestrian, have a long and knowledgeable association with the Equestrian sport, Equestrian Saddlery manufacture & Equestrian retailing experience, having also instructional qualifications, representative competition resume’s , Business qualifications & Experience. This business was founded on the Maxim of life that says ‘ If you always do what you’ve always done then you’ll always get what you’ve always got’. So for them it was a logical progression into the wholesale & distribution of Equestrian products. The products represented by Prestige Equestrian are stand out products via the quality standards that are adhered to in their design & development , indeed an adherence to ISO 2000 standards & registration are the norm for our company and the companies we represent. Customer service along with product support are non negotiable elements of Prestige Equestrian. The companies motto as well as vision are ‘ Quality without Compromise’ We look forward to trading with you, in turn growing with you, ‘your business success is our business success’.

‘You can’t be in business today, use yesterdays tools, and hope to be in front tomorrow’ Dr.Joseph Braysich. Laurence N O’Toole & Stephanie M Liefting